Saturday, September 20, 2014

Friday Night Lights

High School Football Game Looks

Hi you guys! I have been super busy with school, but I though I would make a post on the fine saturday afternoon.  So I live in Texas and high school football is a very big deal here.  I thought I would help y'all with someone outfits for those friday night lights.

Oh and my school colors are blue, red, and white so I am going to incorporate them into these outfits, but obviously if your school has different colors you can change these outfits to work for you.

This first outfit is great for the first few games of the season when it is still super hot outside. It is cute and casual. This outfit is totally insta-worthy too.
Ok this next outfit is a very popular one for Southern girls. A dress and cowboys boots is always cute. 
If your boyfriend or homecoming date is on the football team, it is really cute to write his number on your cheek!
This third outfit is very casual, but at the same time shows school spirit without being over the top. I love this outfit and it is definitely something I would wear.  If it is cold outside I would add a scarf, a coat, and boots!

This final look is great for a very cold game (and a very dedicated girl). This is actually just a good cold weather outfit in general.

Thank you so much for reading!
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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Take This Quiz

I just found the cutest quiz that helps you identify your personal style! You should definitely take it in honor of NYFW.

Quiz is here

BTW, I am the minimalist. What are you?

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