Wednesday, August 20, 2014

How to Dress Up a T-Shirt

Hi there! I am so sorry I haven't posted as often. My school starts tomorrow so as you can imagine it is incredibly hectic right now. I thought this would be a great post, especially for back to school! I am definitely a t-shirt kind of girl. I am always wearing them and trying to find ways to make them look a little nicer and cuter!

The first outfit is very comfortable and great for school. I am really into envelope shorts right now and I love the color of this one! I also am seriously loving this J. Crew tee that says "Endless Summer" in French. The perfect way to make this fun is to throw on some great shoes and a classic pearl necklace. You can always throw on a denim jacket if think you might get cold (for example: at school).

This next outfit is so cute. I am beyond obsessed with this shirt!! I think this is such a comfy outfit and again is great for school or a busy day. The basic idea is that you can throw on any t shirt with some jeans and boots and add a statement necklace to make it look nicer & BAM! a cute outfit. 
This next outfit is just amazing. The idea is that you can throw on just about any dress and wear a t shirt over it (I would probably know it by my waist). I paired this with converse and this Burberry backpack!  This is a great way to get more use out of a summer or spring dress.

OK this next outfit is perfect for any plain t shirt (actually all of these outfits have been, but especially this one). This is so so great for school or hanging out with friends. I just took a basic light pink shirt and paired it with a pretty pleated skirt. I would personally wear it with converse and this fun denim jacket! Oh and make sure to tuck in the shirt a little bit in the front or completely tuck it in.

Finally this last outfit is how to dress up a basic striped t shirt (you should know I am obsessed with striped shirts). This outfit is full of things just about everyone has in their closets. Take your striped shirt and wear it with (just about any) skirt, boots, and a cardigan! If it is cold- wear tights. If it is hot- loose the cardigan. Such a cute outfit. You can play around with different colors and styles and always have a cute outfit! 

Thanks for reading! I hope this was helpful! Please comment or email me if necessary!

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