Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Guide to Wearing a Uniform to School:

Ever since I was 5 years old, I have worn a uniform to school.  Picture a plaid skirt, button down shirt, navy sweaters and blazers, and tan Sperry Topsiders. I am sure some fashionistas would just faint at the thought of not being able to express their fashion sense at school everyday and trust me at times it is very frustrating (like when I buy super cute new boots but can ONLY wear them on the weekends!). There are times though that it is such a blessing because I don't have to even THINK about what I am going to wear; although, sure I do get to decide between a polo shirt or an oxford, or a sweater or a pull over.

Considering I have worn a uniform for 11 years, I am quite the expert at making it your own. So, these are my tips and tricks to making your uniform cute and more like your own (so you don't blend in with everyone else).

(Also I am totally aware everyone is different and some people may have more options and some may have less, but this is directed towards people in my situation. You can of course make changes for these tips to work for you.) Also all these pictures are from

Here we go, these are my 5 tips!

1. Make sure you always follow your schools rules, wearing cute socks are totally not worth getting a detention.

2. Hair! This is absolutely key to making your uniform cute. Wear headbands (with bows, pearls, cute colors that match your uniform (or not!)), clips, bobby pins, scrunchies, bows, etc. Basically play around with your hair accessories and hairstyles. I love to do half up half down hairstyles or fishtail braids.

3. Don't forget about jewelry! Personally I wear simple jewelry (rings, a watch, and studs). If you want to rock more bold jewelry I would suggest a tattoo choker or maybe a string of pearls. Hoop earrings or other dangly earrings are cute too.

4. Outerwear. This is very important. I love to wear cardigans with my uniform. Roll up the sleeves and maybe add a personal touch like a pin or broach. A really cute idea is to get some ribbon (polka dots, chevron, solid colors, etc.) and tie it in a bow then use a safety pin to pin it to your cardigan. Also wear tights to school or leggings! I think this is a great way to be a little unique. Or if you have to wear white socks, wear some with ruffles or a little texture!

5. Backpacks, bags, school supplies. Use a cute backpack and personalize it to fit your style! Or if a purse or tote bag is your style, do that! Find cute school supplies at place like Target, Etsy, Urban Outfitters, etc. You can also buy ordinary supplies and do some DIY's (washi tape around pencils, decorate your note books, etc.).

I really hope this helped you all out! Be creative when it comes to styling your uniform! If you need to contact me leave a comment or email me at Have a lovely day!

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