Tuesday, August 12, 2014

How to Wear: Boyfriend Jeans

Hi you guys! So right now I am so obsessed with boyfriend jeans (I am looking for the perfect pair so I do not own any yet). Boyfriend jeans are so cute and there are so many ways to wear them! You can look girly or sporty or boho or edgy or really anyway you want!

I am going to provide you all some ideas for outfits that include boyfriend jeans!

This first outfit is dressy and glam! This is my personal favorite way to dress up boyfriend jeans! Wear a chic button down blouse, with a statement necklace, heels, a clutch, and of course- boyfriend jeans! Also this outfit is so comfortable (trade out the heels for flats and you will still look glam). Also I would tuck the shirt in a little bit (depending on the length).

The second outfit is kind of bohemian. It's just a simple tank top with a tribal design and fringe, brown sandals, a classic white purse, and the boyfriend jeans! This is a great look for school or just anything casual. 

The third look is the ultimate cozy, relaxing day look, but is still super fashionable and can totally be worn in public (perf for school!). It is so comfortable and is perfect for reading books and drinking coffee! If it's cold outside obviously you should wear warmer shoes (or maybe just some fuzzy socks indoors). I adore this pretty sweater and those Birkenstocks (like I have mentioned in previous posts- I am obsessed!). Also I am so in love with that bracelet (sadly it is out of stock which is just so sad!). (Also I would probably roll these boyfriend jeans into a cuff, but thats just me). Oh and if it is cold outside, I would personally wear warm black tights or leggings under my boyfriend jeans so I don't get cold because of the holes. 

Ok the fourth outfit is the "edgy" type outfit. It is edgy though with out being super hard core edgy. It is still comfy and casual and good for school. It can of course be changed around to be dressier or good for all seasons and climates. Also Beyoncé is the greatest so I couldn't resist throwing that tank top in there. And again, I would roll the jeans up to right above the boots (also let the socks peek out over the top a bit).

Next we have the girly and preppy outfit. This is probably the way I would wear boyfriend jeans. This one is also the perfect outfit for school. So comfortable and stills looks very put together!  I just love this outfit (and I am seriously digging these boyfriend jeans!) To me this outfit says: I am girly and sweet, but I am so confident and I can totally rock boyfriend jeans!

Okay, lastly this is the high-fashion, sexy way to wear boyfriend jeans! It is just so elegant and the pearls and blazer are so classy! The bustier and heels are sexy (so are the holes in the jeans).

Thank you for reading!! If you want to try any of these looks you should totally email me your take on them (sixteenandfashionable@gmail.com)!! Also how would you all feel about me making an Instagram fashion account and putting OOTD's and telling y'all about new posts! Please comment or email me anytime!

Much love,

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